Analyse and apply principles of ethics, statute and case law to the perioperative environment

The assignment does not have to be written in essay format, but should use complete sentences, Integrated summary splint system
. Reference must be used to support the answers you provide- In Harvard style with page numbers in the in text reference.
. Word length 1500 – not including the reference list.
. Reference list numbers minimum 15. Use only American, British or Australian only.
. Assessment Rubric is attached – which is the marking criteria
. Article attached (splint system)
Learning outcome: –
1. Analyse and apply principles of ethics, statute and case law to the perioperative environment.
2. Interpret and apply theories of surgical asepsis, infection control and patient safety related to the perioperative environment.
3. Apply concepts of anatomy and pathophysiology to patient management during pre- operative, intra-operative and post-operative phases of general and endoscopic surgery.
Assessment criteria: –
Thoroughly evaluates the non-technical skills audit and considers the importance of non-technical skills during surgery;
Critically analyses and evaluates the discussion within the summary paper, and incorporates relevant literature;
Integrates the paper well and refers to attached appendices within the body of the paper;
Writes clearly and succinctly in an appropriate academic style (presenting work in accordance with SNM Presentation of Assignments guidelines) with correct referencing (SNM Harvard Author-Date system in

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