describe how nerve deafness occurs and how a cochlear implant works

Instructions: This is an essay. Answers should be given in complete sentences that are grammatically correct and checked for spelling. Grammar and spelling will count toward the grade. Answers should be well thought-out and demonstrate understanding of the concept. Poorly written and sloppy essays will result in a deduction of points.
Answers are expected to be solely your own work. Do not discuss answers with or copy answers from other students. This will result in zero points being awarded. In addition, do not copy text from any source. Answers should be in your own words and copying text will result in zero points being awarded.
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Topic: Choose one of the topics below and write an essay. Or you can choose a topic that interests you. Please make sure it is A&P and/or medically related. If you are unsure if a particular topic is appropriate, just ask me.
Bob improperly canned some homegrown vegetables. As a result, he contracted botulism poisoning after eating the vegetables. His symptoms included difficulty in swallowing and breathing. Eventually, he died of respiratory failure. Research and describe the effect of botulism toxin on muscle and why Bob died.
What is tetrodotoxin? How could you be exposed to tetrodotoxin? Research and then describe the effects of tetrodotoxin on the function of the nervous system, particularly the action potential. Describe how exposure to tetrodotoxin is likely to result in your death.
Describe what is occurring in the hand and wrist that results in carpal tunnel syndrome. How is it treated?
Describe why a cervical injury that results in damage to the phrenic nerve can result is death.
Research about “Mike the Chicken” that was able to live without his head for years. Tell us about Mike and how this was possible in terms of brain anatomy and physiology.
In terms of anatomy, describe how nerve deafness occurs and how a cochlear implant works.