The Gap between Nursing Education and Clinical Skills, Are New Graduate Nurses Ready for the Workplace?"

The Gap between Nursing Education and Clinical Skills, Are New Graduate Nurses Ready for the Workplace?”
Can you please answer these questions: There are 3 questions about the first information and then one question further down about the sampling.
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1. Survey–You create or already in literature?
2. How many questions?
3. Demographic data questions along with survey/questionnaire?
Data Collection and Management
The researcher aims to collect data that contains information that is real and useful for improvement and learning purposes concerning the topic of study. The survey intends to be free of errors and wastage of time and other resources through the collection of useless information. Therefore, the researcher will educate the study subjects on the topic and the research tool for them to know the information relevant to the study. Data will get collected only once after establishing a good level of understanding of the survey requirement by the subjects. Also, the data will get collected from newly graduated nurses and experienced nurses so that there is a comparison group to make it possible to demonstrate the level of success that comes with being an experienced nurse.
Every study subject will respond to one questionnaire only. The researcher will adhere to all ethical considerations when collecting data, protect the study subjects by ensuring confidentiality, and handle obtained information in a discrete and confidential way. No study subject will indicate their name on the data gathering tool for purposes of secrecy. Informed consent will get obtained from the subjects as well as their institution of work before administering the questionnaire.
Limitations of the Study
The researcher may encounter problems such as unwillingness for participation by study subjects, fear of lack of confidentiality, insufficient time and resources, and inaccurate data entry.
Delimitations of the Study.
The researcher will assure respondents of confidentiality so that they can participate in the study without fear of stereotype. Also, the researcher will ensure timely data entry using the good soft wares and training well for the data entry. Resources and time will get allocated before to prevent last minute rushes that may result in an inconclusive study.
2. what do you think about a convenience sample? Which is going to be best for the novice researcher? Convenience or Random?
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