Why Texas Is the Most Dangerous U.S. State to Have a Baby.

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The federal insurance keeps on changing, and it is not clear whether the government that is in place or gets in power after an election can put in place an affordable health care act. Currently, many states are taking a strong move on the coverage of abortions irrespective of the changes that the federal landscape takes. The state I would love to work is Texas.

In this state, they have signed a bill that generally hinders health insurance who give individuals or employer-based plans from covering abortion unless a woman faces danger. Furthermore, ten years ago, Texas joined other states in offering Medicaid specifically for family planning to low-income earning women and others who had the eligibility. However, in 2011, the state through its policymakers sought to reverse the law with the aim of putting out the business of Planned Parenthood. This move exclude health centers from that provided safe and high-quality contraceptives to women.  Starting January 2010, Texas adopted and operated the family planning program as funded by the state and no longer part of the Medicaid.

The number of maternal deaths, i.e., women dying in pregnancy or at childbirth is at an alarming rate in the state of Texas. The number is so high than in any other state, and it depicts what is not normal in such cases for developed nations (Mattie, 2017). If Texas were a country on its own, it would face the highest maternal mortality rate just like Mexico or turkey. So why has this state faced such a higher rate? Cardiac problems and hypertension have been linked to being the cause of the high maternal mortality rate in this state. On the other hand, the infant mortality rate in Texas has been ranging below the national rate for over the past ten years. The state has operated below the healthy person 2020 which has a target of 6.0 deaths per 1,000 live births (N. Haghighat et al., 2016)

It is important to note that maternal mortality rate and infant mortality rate are much correlated. It has been discovered that increased maternal mortality rate increases the rate of infant mortality rate. There a number of ways in which the two correlate. For instance, the main cause of maternal mortality is obstetric complications like eclampsia, sepsis, obstructed labor and hemorrhage which can put the infant at increased risk of death. Furthermore, the lack of nutritional support from breastfeeding leaves the infant very vulnerable to malnutrition.


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